Doritos – A Day in the Park

These four videos were entered in the Doritos King of Ads Competition. They were made just for fun and we swapped roles for each video allowing everyone to try their hand in the various production areas.  Production notes – Sony Z7E. Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects


This was a first time on 5DMkII rig and H4N Zoom recorder, so we decided to play. This was meant to be a test shoot for a production next month, seeing how the 5D manages single source low light conditions but then something wonderful happened… Producing short films/film-lets like these is good for the soul. […]

Belfast City Vineyard – House Ministries

Short Promotional Video for Belfast City Vineyard.   The point of the video is to show ways to serve in the church that may not appear as glamourous as some of the more ‘obvious’ ministries. We wanted the people serving to be as anonymous as possible to avoid creating ‘celebrities’ which is why the subjects […]

Belfast City Vineyard – A Cause To Live For

Short Promotional Video for a conference hosted by Belfast City Vineyard. The video stars Andrew Smith, Senior Pastor of Belfast City Vineyard Church. (Apologies for the bad sound). Production notes – Sony Z7E, Canon XL1, Flip Video, Final Cut Studio

Pew Review

A Mock-umentary produced for Presbyterian Church in Ireland outlining the various roles of their child protection initiative, known as; Taking Care.   The client wanted to dispel myths and fears about the introduction of new child protection policies and initiatives to churches and children’s leaders throughout the denomination. The style chosen was to create a […]


Music Video produced for The Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Peacemaking Programme, for screening at their 2008 CSI Ulster conference in Lurgan. C.S.I. stands for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration. The client wanted a video that would demonstrate that despite official “peace” in Northern Ireland, Division between the communities is still prevalent.  “…opened my mind to realise that Peace […]