Ghosts – Mini Teaser //01

Ghosts – Coming soon…

That Vitamin Movie : Opening sequence

That Vitamin Movie : Trailer

That Vitamin Movie : Trailer

That Vitamin Movie : Teaser

MegaVitamin Man

THE Health documentary that needs to be made. MegaVitamin Man is not just a film about one man. It is a film about a proven way of living that can revolutionize our health. MVM is a new documentary film that will investigate the dramatic story of Orthomolecular Medicine (high dose vitamins, to you and me). […]

BCS Promo [2013]

A Short Promotional Video for Bloomfield Collegiate School about a girl starting her first day at her new school. This is the promo version, whereas a more informative version is here, released May 2013. This was created for and funded by Bloomfield Collegiate School. Saiko Productions was hired to make a promotional video for the school, but wanting to remain […]

Dirt – Trailer

This was the Trailer for a short fight sequence shot on Hi-8mm Video and Super 8mm film starring Sai Kelly (JKD) and Mike Lee (Muay Thai). It was a shuffle-step into the world of underground fighting rings. The entire shoot took about 5hours (2200 – 0300) and was shown at Quimper Film Festival, France, 2002. […]