Pippen McGrath – Airbrushing

A Pocket Doc about Pippen McGrath and his passion for Airbrushing. Pippen has a fantastic story about how he began as an airbrush artist so Saiko took it upon themselves to offer a production to help him tell it. Since it’s release, popularity and business for Pippen has apparently increased. Testimony “Sai Kelly & I made contact […]

Kingdom of the Lost – Black Star Riders

This was the trip of a life-time. I was in Thailand when I got the call from Producer Michael Beattie (Michael Beattie Media) to fly to Los Angeles and Direct and Shoot this video for The Black Star Riders / Thin Lizzy. We drove all around California for 10Days shooting from the hip (by hip […]

Dirt – Trailer

This was the Trailer for a short fight sequence shot on Hi-8mm Video and Super 8mm film starring Sai Kelly (JKD) and Mike Lee (Muay Thai). It was a shuffle-step into the world of underground fighting rings. The entire shoot took about 5hours (2200 – 0300) and was shown at Quimper Film Festival, France, 2002. […]


Music Video produced for The Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Peacemaking Programme, for screening at their 2008 CSI Ulster conference in Lurgan. C.S.I. stands for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration. The client wanted a video that would demonstrate that despite official “peace” in Northern Ireland, Division between the communities is still prevalent.  “…opened my mind to realise that Peace […]