That Vitamin Movie : Opening sequence

MegaVitamin Man

THE Health documentary that needs to be made. MegaVitamin Man is not just a film about one man. It is a film about a proven way of living that can revolutionize our health. MVM is a new documentary film that will investigate the dramatic story of Orthomolecular Medicine (high dose vitamins, to you and me). […]

Storehouse – A Journey in Five Years [2014 Redux]

Telling the Story of Storehouse in Belfast. Saiko Productions was hired to create a series of videos promoting this amazing charity. Two 5 minute promotional videos for different applications and also this version, a 25min Documentary. This is a more in-depth story depicting how Storehouse was formed, how it functions and how it continues to move forward, […]

The New Girl [2013]

We are calling this an Informational Short Film about a girl starting her first day at her new school. This is the full version of the promo, found here, created for and funded by Bloomfield Collegiate School. Saiko Productions  was hired to make a promotional video for the school, but wanting to remain true to our storytelling creed, we […]

Storehouse Stories – Tommy

The first in a series of stories encountered by the team at Belfast’s own ‘Storehouse‘, a charity feeding, clothing and furnishing those in need in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. This episode; Tommy.   The Storehouse Documentary can be found here. This is part of Tommy’s Story and Storehouse is but one aspect of […]


An impromptu Documentary featuring Ormeau Park, Belfast, and the people who visit everyday. The challenege for us was to limit ourselves to only shooting for one hour, using only one camera, one lens and an independent sound recorder, and then to finish post within another hour. The final edit is in the same order as […]