About Us

We believe in stories:

Stories unite, stories renew faith, stories bring life and hope.
They cross all boundaries, all cultures and all beliefs.

Stories bring change because stories shape people.

Today they are everywhere:
between pages, between friends, on stage.

and on screen…

If stories change people, and it is people who change the world;
then we want to be story tellers.

Saiko Productions: Changing Angles, Altering Perspectives.


Mr Sai Kelly was employed by Bloomfield Collegiate School to produce a promotional video to be used on the School’s website and during Open Days. From the outset his professional approach was very impressive and his enthusiasm was infectious; it was a pleasure to work with him to plan and create the final product. His ideas were exceptional as was his skill with the equipment and his ability to work with the pupils of the School. The final editing together with the bespoke music created a product that was both entertaining and informative in equal measures and exceeded my expectations, given the relatively modest cost and limited timeframe available. I would have no hesitation in using his services again. 

Dr Darrin Barr


Bloomfield Collegiate School