About Sai

I believe in stories:

Stories unite, stories renew faith, stories bring life and hope.
They cross all boundaries, all cultures and all beliefs.
Stories bring change because stories shape people.
Today they are everywhere:
between pages, between friends, on stage.
and on screen…
If stories change people, and it is people who change the world;
then I want to be a story teller.
Saiko Productions: Changing Angles, Altering Perspectives.

Sai Kelly has had a passion for many things in his life including martial arts, airplanes, music, airsoft, surfing, history, travel and camping to name but a few. But perhaps the most influencial; was the camera and has been making short films since 1992, when he was only 12 years old. Originally setting his sights on counselling, he realised that the cinema had, and continues to have, a huge impact on his personal healing, so shifted his aim towards filmmaking. He attended Queens University Belfast where he studied Film History, after completing HND Visual/Art & Design Communications at BIFHE 2 years prior to that.

He has been working in the film industry in varying roles and productions since then gaining a wide range of experience throughout many production departments but choosing to focus in on producing, directing and cinematography.

He formed Saiko Productions in 2011 a production company which has continued to produce its own unique style of high quality films for clients throughout Ireland, the UK and across the Atlantic. Having such a huge interest in people and their stories means that the subjects he chooses to cover can be wide and varying; from the marvel of digging up WW2 planes to the gritty reality of human trafficking.

Saiko Productions has continued to grow in recent years to include talented and highly creative members, expanding it’s skillset and level of professionalism. The latest addition being Chris Hutchinson (chrishutchinsonmusic), who brings with him his own unique gifting, style and charisma to the projects that Saiko Productions chooses to undertake.

Notable works include HBO’s Van Morrison produced and directed by Michael Beattie and co-directing/cinemtography for the widely acclaimed That Vitamin Movie by TK Media. He also created Thin Lizzy’s music video Kingdom of the Lost (aka Black Star Riders) and has produced a small number of commercials. His first short film Wandering Star won a Best Shorts award.